Jersey & Shirt Chart Sizes

1KingBrand Jersey & Shirt measurement sizes:

Hello and thank you for considering our products here at 1KingBrand, this information below will help with getting the perfect size so that you can order from our website and be comfortable with what you order in terms of sizing.

How to measure your chest:

Wrap the tape measure under your armpits, around the fullest part of your chest.
The tape measure should be snug. Not so tight that it constricts breathing, but not so loose that the tape measure slides down.
Don’t puff out or flex your chest. Just stand normally.
The letter in off-the-rack jacket measurements corresponds to your height. If you’re between 5’7″ and and 6′ you’re a Regular(R). If you’re between 6’1″-6″3 you’re a Long(L).

Neck. You need to know your neck size lest you strangle yourself with a tight collar.

How to measure your neck:

Wrap the tape measure around the lower part of your neck. It should be about an inch below your Adam’s Apple.
Don’t choke yourself with the tape measure. For a comfortable fit, place 2 fingers between the tape and your neck. Round up to the next 1/2″.
Sleeve. Many off-the-shelf dress shirts come in different sleeve lengths too. Moreover, you’ll need to know your sleeve length in order to adjust the sleeve length of any off-the-rack jacket you buy.

How to measure your sleeve length:

Measure from the shoulder joint to the wrist bone.

Please look into the chart below for approximate numbers for sizes.





Sleeve Length


42.5 In.

21 In.

32.2 In

36 In


44 In

22 In.

33 In

36.5 In


45.5 In

23 In

35.4 In

37 In


48 In

24 In

36.6 In

37.50 In


49.5 In

25 In

38.8 In

38.2 In